Tia Nicoletti

Athletic Mobility Coach

Tia is a movement educator, stemming from a gymnastics background. With certifications from Gymnastics Foundations, to Learning Literacy, Tia translates high end skills for those on their fitness journey. After founding the Windsor Circus School and achieving Fitness Instructor of the year, she began her online coaching adventures. Welcome to the continuation of that journey.
Tia Nicoletti in a squatting position

Fun Facts

  • I've spent most of my life upside down

  • I have been in a major life threatening event that included a semi-truck and have rehabbed myself back to functional

  • I always knew I wanted to help people, but never thought it would be through an online source

Movement Flow

Movement Flow and Stream of Consciousness Movement are some of the subjects I hold dear. Without being able to let go and sink into the movement, you will never truly understand the full version of self.

Circus Arts

Lyra and most hard apparatuses are some of my favourite ways to self express. Being in the air away from what we think we know feels like the most amazing elevated experience.


Travel has allowed me to view outside of my societal programming and taught me a significant amount about sharing, community and love. Never give up the learning journey.
Handstand in Malaysian Jungle