Private Lessons

How Does It Work?!

Virtual Lessons Offered

Lessons tailored to you! Are you a dancer, gymnast or contortionist looking for a new skill or flow? Are you just getting started and are looking for a personalized start? One on one sessions are offered virtually. Lessons include skill overview and goal, general assessment, proper warm up/alignment and (last but certainly not least) the new skill! There are many ways to incorporate unique acrobatic moves to your practice.

Lesson packages range from $120-$420

Email Coach Tia at for more info!
Student handstanding against wall

Sara Macri

Private Lesson Student - Handbalancing/Contortion

I started private training with Tia roughly three years ago. Prior to this, I dabbled in all sorts of different aerial and circus mediums but nothing really stuck. For the most part, I had not really found what I was looking for. Then I found contortion and the light bulbs burst on. Now because of this program I feel motivated, challenged and enthusiastic about what the next session will bring. The changes have really surprised me not just physically but mentally as well. Finally I am ready to be strong!

Jamie Nicholson

Private Lesson Student - Lyra/Contortion

I began taking Tia’s classes as a hobby, but before I knew it, my body was doing things I didn’t think it would ever be capable of. She managed to keep me motivated through an online source in a time as weird as the COVID-19 pandemic. Her knowledge on all things rehabilitation, anatomy, and biomechanics seems unlimited and she is able to explain things in a way that I truly understand. Before meeting Tia, I never thought I’d be capable of performing as an aerialist. She’s helped me realize my body’s true potential and I will be forever grateful.

Amanda McGuire

Private Lesson Student - Movement Flow/Contortion

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